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With over 25 years of experience developing educational content for educational institutions, Jewish publishers, and other community organizations, I have an expertise in taking complex thought and ideas and adapting them for a younger market and educational context. More than just high quality educational content, engaging educational materials need to be designed and presented in an attractive and engaging way in which the aesthetic in itself is an educational resource on the page. This involves working closely with illustrators, typesetters, and graphic designers, to create a holistic educational product. For samples of the work I have published and worked on, click on the links below.


For curriculum development samples click here.


After the successful collaboration with Rabbi Sacks זצ"ל and his office on the Ten Paths curriculum, which brought the thought of Rabbi Sacks to a younger demographic, we embarked on a two-year project to adapt his weekly Covenant & Conversation  weekly essay on the parsha for families and educational institutions to use as vehicle for conversation and learning around the parsha. In a further third year, we created a cycle of Community & Celebration sheets based on Rabbi Sacks' ideas on the chagim.


As Director of Educational Projects for Koren Publishers, I was series editor and developer of the Koren Magerman Educational Siddurim series, which are used in schools and communities around the world. I developed the educational concept for three of the four siddurim in the series, and wrote the educational content (in collaboration with others). The Koren Youth Haggadah is a more recent addition to the series.

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In commemoration of Shabbat UK 2019, the United Synagogue embarked on this ambitious project – a beautiful Shabbat companion of resources for all the family, and was sent out to every member of the United Synagogue. Shabbat Shalom! is not just a fascinating book for an individual to dip in and out of, it’s also designed for you to share and discuss around the Shabbat table.

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